All throughout our personal and our career lives, we tend to need something that would perk up our mornings and do things properly. One of them is coffee.

A lot of us love coffee and even some of us are already dependent on it. Strong coffee is sometimes preferred and even a barista type of a cup of coffee is highly desirable. But what if you are at home and don’t have easy access to one of your favorite barista coffee flavor? Enter the Nespresso Essenza Mini – a small but efficient single serve coffee maker, and we recently had a chance to do an unboxing of this interesting product.

Our Nespresso Essenza Mini unboxing was fun in summary and it was really a blast in doing this barista coffee maker review.


One of them is how intricate the packaging was, ensuring the safety of the unit while in transit.

Small unit + Big Box: Large room for protection

Another one is the convenience of placing of the coffee capsules onto the unit as you will not have a chance to place it wrongly due to its design.

Neat design for a seamless operation

Lastly, the two button option is also neat in which you can choose from an espresso shot and a normal coffee cup serving.

Just one touch for a cup or an espresso shot

To top it all up, the actual operation is very easy in this case. To check out how it is, head on to the full video of our unboxing on the below link:

All in all, this Nespress Essenza Mini is a great product to have in bringing you a cup (or two, or more) of barista coffee while at home. Perfect for work from home individuals, or plainly for some who just want quality coffee at the comforts of their home.


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