A much-needed break in Villa Escudero


As we experience this health concern that has affected (almost) all the people in the world in one way or the other, we couldn’t help but feel we also neglect the health of the other aspect in our well-being. While body health is very important, we must say that it is equally important that mental health should be noticed and taken into considerations too.

Lockdowns and travel/movement restrictions may take a toll to some people’s mental health as these restrictions may make them feel restrained and constricted. In this manner, slowly allowing movements and travels will help ease out the dilemma.

While being safe, travels are now allowed going in and out of the metro. It’s now very much welcome to have that some sort of freedom again after a few (but long) months of inactivity. And what a better way to spend it in Villa Escudero.

Villa Escudero is considered a Farm Resort, and it maybe one of the resorts closest to nature as well. The tranquility of the surrounding environment in between accommodations and amenities are a welcome sight.

Seems like it will always be festive in this part

The restrictions on maximum capacity of guests added more solemnity and quieter feel perfect for full enjoyment of the surroundings. Early morning or early evening strolls on the riverside offers serenity and the fresh breeze of air is very much welcome for the lungs.


The resort also offers inclusive use of bamboo raft that will give you wider access on the small part of the river.

What’s even wonderful is the all-in access to the famous lunch by the falls in which you can have a feast while damping your bare feet onto the cold water from the falls.

Having lunch on this view and feel will definitely make you want to eat more to stay longer

All in all, the Villa Escudero escapade is a much needed time off from the noise of the metro (or within the house for this particular matter) that will surely benefit you and your soul. This may not be a full Villa Escudero review but more of an appreciation blog, you and I can truly agree that we will need this somehow most specifically at this point of the current situation we are all in.


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