Not Your Usual Food Review: Botejyu (Another Visit)

Fancy another round of food review? We bet you do! But what if we come back to one of the best restaurants that we featured here? You’ll be up for it definitely. Here we are coming back to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants – Botejyu.

Our previous experience from this wonderful restaurant was truly enjoyable and it was really shown here in our previous food review. It’s so good that it warrants another round of food review, and this time featuring another batch from their wonderful list on the menu. So let’s get on with it right away, shall we?

Osaka Specialty Curry Rice

Curry rice and the Katsudon is a strong tandem that any customer would want to try on a Japanese restaurant. The level of spiciness and creaminess is something people are looking out for on this dish. Botejyu’s version has a mid-level of spiciness but what makes it so great is the creaminess of the sauce. You can actually eat the sauce on its own! Seriously! In terms of the crunchiness and the tenderness of the meat, you can say that they actually did prepare it meticulously and carefully.

All in all, while curry rice is not the dish Botejyu is well-known for, you simply cannot help but put this on your list in to order in Botejyu and we’re glad we featured this in this food review.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Original Okosoba

Fat noodles have a reputation of being more filling than any other noodles simply because of its size. Top it up with a generous amount of toppings, this Okosoba by Botejyu is definitely something that is filling and satisfying at the same time. Its enormous size can be shared for some people who aren’t big eaters, but fairly enough for the ones who are. A hearty meal is a great description for this wonderful dish.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Original Sauce Takoyaki

We have featured Botejyu’s Takoyaki on our previous food review but this time we tried the original sauce version. For us, the sauce is just the icing of the cake because the base taste of the Takoyaki balls of Botejyu is already enough for a great Takoyaki treat. We don’t need to say anything more.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Again and again that won’t get tired

We may be sounding like a broken record, but we won’t get tired of visiting Botejyu because of their best tasting and definitely authentic Japanese food. Please expect us to do another food review again soon.

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