Not Your Usual Food Review: Chino Latino

Throughout our food adventures, we have been doing a food review on diverse cuisines as much as we can. This is mainly because we truly appreciate the flavors of the world as much as we do on the cuisine of our own. Lastly, it is because we have more diversified food options available locally – and Chino Latino is one of them. But there is a catch on this one though…

Chino Latino is a Mexican Food Truck! Yes it is indeed a food truck that drives around the metro and sell Mexican food right then and there. It is a clever way in terms of marketing in which it is a little bit unique in terms of marketing specially here. Though the concept is not new, the mobile manner is what gives them the edge as compared to other food trucks out there wherein they cater to one side of market as they are just situated on one location on any given time. And we’re now truly excited to do a Chino Latino food review because of this.

Beef Quesadillas

The wrap is cooked well but not overcooked. There is no hint of bitterness on the burnt parts and no chewy parts either. What’s even better is the stuffing. The beef stuffing is filling up all sides of the wrap and this is definitely an enjoyable dish from start to finish.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nachos Grandes

On any Mexican restaurant, we firmly believe that it is mandatory to try our their Nachos, even if it is a food truck in this case.

Chino Latino’s version is full of flavor and crunchiness all over. And while it is not normal to separate the dips and sauces from the nacho chips, it’s sometimes for the better as you can have the freedom to spread out the dips and sauces as you place or dip into out as you munch one chip to another.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Honey BBQ Wings

Eating wings can be messy, and we want it the messiest as possible. With this version from Chino Latino, we couldn’t help but be happy when we saw the dish as its dripping wet with sauce! The best one at that is the sauce definitely seeped through the chicken meat even as munch towards the bone. The honey taste is overpowering the BBQ flavor though, which is sometimes good specially for people who would like their wings in the sweeter spectrum.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chicano Burger

Burgers may not be one of the usual dishes available on the menu on Mexican restaurants, but we couldn’t help but try them out when we found Chino Latino has one. And we’re truly happy we did!

The 1/3 lb beef patty is enormous looking on the bun, which almost spewing out from it because of its size. The blend of the veggies and the sauce tastily complements the over-all dish. Another notable one is that the cheese is dripping wet, it mixes out from the patty juice! As messy as it seems, it’s definitely a welcome mess making this a very wonderful burger.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Will wait to come back

As Chino Latino keeps on being mobile to cater to Mexican food lovers all over the metro, we’re truly happy they went to our neighborhood and had the chance to try them out. We’re going to be excited whenever they come by near the neighborhood and we’ll definitely try them out again.

Chino Latino Contact Information

0917 723 5132

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