Not Your Usual Food Review: UCC

Open-Air or Alfresco dining is a fun way to dine as you can enjoy fresh breeze on a warm lunch time or a cooler one during dinner. Partnering it with sumptuous food, it will definitely be a enjoyable treat! We recently had an Alfresco dining experience in UCC and we actually had fun. We had so much fun and we want to tell it all on this food review.

UCC is a Japanese cafe company and it stands for Ueshima Coffee Company and actually did expand a good number of branches abroad. We’re truly grateful for that so we can enjoy the wonderful treat UCC has to offer.

In this food review, we’re going to feature two sumptuous (and healthy!) dishes and their famous Kori Kohi which is actually an interesting take on the usual iced coffee that we normally drink. Let’s find out more further into this food review.

Clubhouse Sandwich

The UCC’s version of the clubhouse sandwich has a distinct taste mainly due to the cheese toppled with the juicy (and crunchy) bacon strips. The sandwich spread gives its creamy feeling and if you want a little bit more crunchiness, you can always bite on the potato crisps sides for one or two. The four slices of this sandwich is well enough for a very hungry individual but is good for sharing for those who just wants a quick bite.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kani Mango Salad

If you’re attracted to its colors, you’ll definitely enjoy this salad further when you taste them. The variety of flavors mixed into one plate of salad is something of a mix of complementing flavors that are simply enjoyable (and filling too). The fish eggs adds the salty flavor along with the Kani strips, while Mango cubes are the ones that will add the sweetness. Mixing all the other ingredients will make a wild taste of crunch and full of flavorful bits and pieces. Perfect for those who are watching what they eat, but still great for those who just wants a flavorful dish.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Kori Kohi

Kori Kohi literally means “Iced Coffee” in Japanese language. It sounds simple but the manner how UCC did it is something wonderful. Instead of the usual mixing of a hot (or warm) coffee with ice cubes, UCC did it the other way around – something very Japanese in one way or the other. UCC’s version is made of coffee ice cubes mixed with warm milk. This in turn gave a more concentrated taste of the coffee as it won’t be diluted from the water on the usual ice cubes. The separated sugar syrup is also a clever thing as one can adjust the sweetness to their liking and at the same time mixing it with a cold beverage is way better than sugar cubes or granules. We could put it in more than maximum rating on this one if it helps.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Definitely Fun

What we can say is that UCC is not just a coffee shop and is a very viable dining option for any kind of meal you need. Adding up the great coffee items on their menu, it’s definitely something that you will enjoy because we really did!

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