How to Make Kori Kohi (Iced Coffee) at Home


We have grown so fond of our recent visit to UCC Cafe (see our UCC food review here on this link) specifically their wonderful beverage, the “Kori Kohi”. This is why we got so inspired to try to emulate it at home.

“Kori Kohi” literally means “iced coffee” in Japanese and UCC’s version is definitely one thing that you should try at least once. Just by looking how it’s made is something that is pleasing to the eyes that will keep you drool.

Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, this one good beverage is also giving you a good kick of caffeine that you need. This is why we wanted to do one at home to somehow try this beverage and feel refreshed (and energetic) for the day even while we are at home.

Kori Kohi at Home

In our attempt to do this nice Iced Coffee version, we used the NespressoTM (check out our Nespresso unboxing on this link) coffee capsule flavor Caramel Creme Brulee”. The barista coffee flavor has a distinct sweet taste and is perfect for cold coffee brews. With this coffee flavor as well as its barista preparation nature, we’re now ready to make Kori Kohi at home.

For the sugar or sweetener, UCC’s version uses as sugar syrup but on our version, we just used a table sugar (brown). We did not have a hard time dissolving the table sugar on the drink as the produce of the Nespresso machine has hot water in it. One teaspoon is enough for us but it would be up to you on how many do you want depending on what you need.

For the milk, we just used fresh milk but frothed it up a little bit to have make it more creamier when mixed into the coffee iced cubes.

You can check this video tutorial for you to have a visual guide:

Definitely Great and Refreshing

The Kori Kohi method of making Iced coffee is a great one as it actually does have the full coffee flavor. The ice cubes are pure coffee unlike the usual ones where the ice cubes dilutes the full coffee flavor.

While the Kori Kohi version of UCC is definitely better, our version is definitely a good alternative (we really enjoyed making it at home too). After all, the coffee capsule we used is perfect for a cold coffee beverage.