Not Your Usual Food Review: Tropical Hut Hamburger


Tradition, by definition is a trait or anything that can be passed on with respect to time. It is also applicable to food, in which a heritage recipe can be passed on for generations in order to achieve its legendary status. But how about in the fast food industry? We truly believe so, because Tropical Hut is a living testament on that.

Tropical Hut has stood the test of time – and that is the highest regard for its testament of a lifelong tradition. It’s even older than the no.1 fast food chain in the Philippines right now (why it isn’t number 1 now is another case, though). Here in this food review, we’re going to find out why this 50-something year old reasons) and we’re so excited that due to the advancements of online booking and special take-out / deliveries nowadays, we can finally have another go of this not-so dinosaur burger. And with that, it can now truly deserve a Tropical Hut Hamburger food review.

Let’s find out how their same old taste burger fare on this modern world with this good Tropical Hut review.

Hot Savers

The Hot Savers combo we bought consists of a Fried Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai (Fried Spring Rolls), Spaghetti, and a cup of rice. This wide variety of budget meal would give varied tastes of what they can offer in just one order. Despite the transit of this food going to our home, there is still a decent crunch on the fried spring rolls. The Spaghetti has that creamy taste most of us will definitely like. Lastly, the Fried Chicken’s breading made it an enjoyable crunch that can be tasted up until to the last bite.

All in all, this is going to be a good combo meal that will be enjoyed by everyone.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rancho Ranchero

Getting an opportunity to taste nostalgia should not be passed up and in this case, trying out a Tropical Hut Hamburger is a requirement. In this food review, we tried their burger variant Rancho Ranchero. This burger version from Tropical Hut consists of a slice of tomato, cucumber, some slices of lettuce, fried egg, along with the trademark patty. If you’re thinking of these ingredients overpowering the taste of the burger patty, then you are underestimating the power of the original taste of Tropical Hut Hamburger. Despite all of the added ingredients, the burger patty of Tropical Hut is still the darling of this burger and we’re definitely not complaining.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The nostalgic feel is still bankable

While fast food chains (may it be homegrown or an international brand) tend to modernize their menu from time to time, Tropical Hut Hamburger stuck with its lifelong tradition. No ifs, buts, or nonsense – just plain old hamburger patty taste that did not change. Still one of the best, no matter what. We’re totally fine with their number of branches all over the metro and we will try them out again anytime soon.