Cryptoblades For Newbies


The cryptocurrency world has gone mainstream already. Its popularity has gained so much a lot of people, including the not-so techie ones are trying their hand on anything about cryptocurrency. Nowadays, dealing with cryptocurrency now include a play-to-earn option in which it uses NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) as game rewards. They can be consequently used to trade for other cryptocurrency and even the traditional currency (cash). One of them is the PC-based game called Cryptoblades, which is now has one of the highest NFT trading frequency as of this writing.

Cryptoblades is fairly new – established just about a month ago, but oh, boy its player grew exponentially to almost 100K in just about that span of time. One of its key reasons probably is the simplicity of the gameplay and its corresponding vastness to earn in Cryptoblades. But whatever reason that may be, more and more people are now entering into this wonderful game and we’d be very happy if you would try this out too.

This Guide Will Help to Maximize Earnings

Anyone can definitely earn in Cryptoblades, but there is more complexity than just playing it. There is of course, an initial investment needed and basic knowledge of cryptocurrency wallets and trading platforms. As the game is so dynamic in terms of that portion, we’re not going to tackle those details as we focus further in maximizing ways to earn in Cryptoblades.

But if you do need some guidance on how to get started in Cryptoblades from scratch, here are some links that you can check out:

The above links should keep you up to speed in starting up with Cryptoblades and actually earn from it. However, the game is a complex one and there are more opportunities to earn in Cryptoblades by just playing it. So as we promised, we are going to focus on aiming to maximize your investment and even your earnings while you play your Cryptoblades. Here are some ways to maximize your profit in playing this wonderful game.

Easy way to trade for BNB and Skill

  • Use Apeswap to trade for BNB

Apeswap is a partner platform of Cryptoblades so there may have additional perks (i.e. discounts) in using this to trade for BNB in this case. The process flow are as follows: Buy BNB in Apeswap -> Trade / Swap BNB to Skill in Apeswap -> Transfer BNB and Skill to Metamask.

  • Use Binance to trade for BNB

Binance is one of the most popular (and most stable) cryptocurrency trading platform right now. It is also fitting to use Binance to trade for BNB as they are the ones who actually owned the token. The process flow are as follows: Buy BNB in Binance -> Transfer BNB to Metamask -> Trade / Swap BNB to Skill in Metamask.


Initially, what you earn in Cryptoblades on the first day of playing are subject to 15% Tax if you are to withdraw it right away. This tax decreases by 1% every day. So if you want to withdraw all your earnings in whole, you have to wait for 15 days. However, the game gives you the option to stake your earnings for 7 days. Staking is highly advisable in order for you to withdraw your earnings early. After all, 7 days is better than 15 days!

Levelling-up (strategy to minimize gas fees)

As you keep on winning in Cryptoblades, each character you use will also earn XP in accordance to the opponent’s power. And as you level up, you will have better chances at winning and win more earnings accordingly. But be careful in hitting up the level up button every time you earn XP as it has corresponding gas fees. What you can do to save on gas fees is to collect enough XP to level up on certain key levels that will yield more earnings. The link has the table that shows how much XP you need in order to reach those key levels.

Playing strategy in reference to timing

In order to play your character, you need stamina in the game. Each attack needs 40 stamina and you are give full stamina of 200. Once used up, it automatically earns 1 stamina every 5 minutes. With that being said, one character can only attack 7-8 times a day (considering you are sleeping for 8 hours or so). Additionally, you will lose the opportunity of maximizing your attacks per day if you let your stamina full for a long time. In short, never let your stamina full and attack sparingly and well scattered all throughout the day.

There is real opportunity to earn in Cryptoblades

Indeed Cryptoblades is another NFT game that is full of fun and has the opportunity to earn at the same time. We’re loving it and hope you as well and enjoy it more because of the tips that we showed here.