Not Your Usual Food Review – Thai Mango


South-East Asian food is a satisfying mix of colors and flavors, and it is truly evident in Thai cuisine. In this food review, we will be featuring a Thai fusion food mixed with the local flavor, but with still that distinct dominant Thai flavor. It looks interesting enough and we’re excited to feature Thai Mango in this food review.

Thai Mango started with just a pop-up store in the North side of the metro. Since then, it has strategically sprung up a number branches within the metro and the most recent is a branch the South side. This in turn gave them a wider reach of patrons within the metro and even the nearby provinces and cities.

In this Thai Mango food review, we will be featuring some of their Lunch sets and their signature Pad Thai, personally crafted by their head chef, Chef Kim. So, let’s get on with it shall we?

Thai Lunch Set 3

This lunch set consists of three food items – the Thai Bagoong Rice, Thai Pork Belly, and the Mango Sticky Rice for dessert. Starting off with the rice, the combination of the condiment with the scrambled egg and the other spices make a flavorful concoction. It even came to a point that you can even eat it on its own. With the Thai Pork Belly, its flavor can be considered between a BBQ flavor and plain salted type of grill. It is decent enough to be paired with the rice. In terms of the Mango Sticky Rice, this will then make you feel more fuller as this lunch set seems to be a carbo-loading meal, but it actually isn’t. The sticky rice is indeed a dessert, and it is great specially when the mango slices’ sweetness are superb. Over-all, this lunch set is indeed a satisfying and full meal for most.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thai Lunch Set 1

This lunch set is similar to the other set we featured – only difference is the Pad Thai so we’re going to focus more on that in this case. The other Pad Thais we have tried before will have a slice of Lemon for you to use if you want to have a sour taste on your Pad Thai. However, in Thai Mango’s case here, the sour taste is already infused with the dish so you really don’t need one in this case. In whole, the Pad Thai is a very enjoyable dish as it is, and the other ingredients make up for the over-all dish.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Shrimp Pad Thai

This Pad Thai dish from Thai Mango boasts of their distinct recipe and we’re very excited about this one. Pad Thais that are available right now all over the metro may have its same distinct taste and we’re curious about this version from Thai Mango. The we ordered is the Shrimp flavor version, and true enough the shrimp taste is definitely on with this and we really had a satisfying experience with this dish. Considering this is delivered, the noodles are still moist and when they are mixed well with the other ingredients, it is something very similar to being wonderful. Great taste indeed.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fusion at its best

Judging by the dishes we have tried in Thai Mango, we can definitely say that they have successfully fused the Thai Cuisine in a more local flavor. But we can also say that it still has inkling towards being authentic. But that is for us in this food review, we still want you to try them out for yourself!

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