Let’s face it – while Axie Infinity is definitely a legit play to earn NFT game, you need to invest a good amount of money upfront. There are a lot of Axies in the site’s marketplace and as cute and cuddly as they may be, they are not all for you if you want an effective Axie Team. Want to know which ones would help you win the game? Read on further.

This article will discuss which Axies you need to look for in order for you to easily accomplish the daily quest (5 PVP wins and 10 adventure level games). We are assuming you already enough about Axie Infinity game as a whole or are already starting with the game but still struggling with accomplishing the daily quest. If you are completely new to this wonderful game, you can head on to our previous post. Otherwise, you can read on further to find out which Axies are the next ones you will need to have an effective Axie team.

Budget should not be a hindrance

While we are going for the cheapest Axie team possible, you should not hinder yourself in spending a little bit more in order for your team of Axies to work together better and win. However, we can definitely say that Axies that are on the expensive side of the spectrum (specially the pure Axies, we can further discuss that), we can still do away from that and settle for the cheaper and effective ones at that.

Finding the right “Chopsuey” Axie

The “Pure” Axies are the ones that possess all of their four cards that directly corresponds to their type of Axie. For example, a Plant Axie should have four plant cards to be considered “pure” otherwise, it will be considered a “Chopsuey” Axie. These types of Axies are dreaded by a lot of players as they don’t possess the so-called “synergy” of the cards and does not have the power provide the needed critical hits to induce more damage to your opponent.

So, what gives to these so-called “Chopsuey” axies? Well, first of all they are considered the “cheap Axie” in the marketplace. Most likely the cheapest ones in the market right now are Chopsuey Axies and most of the time you have to do away from them as much as you can. However, there are still some Axies out there that are considered a cheap Axie, but still an effective one. You just have to find which ones work best with each other in order for you to win.

Chopsuey Axie teams are actually easy to make but it is actually a challenge to make them win against PVP opponents in the Arena. But once you have successfully make a good of team of Chopsuey team, you can actually win as shown on some cheap Axie teams here:

Building your cheap but effective Chopsuey team

There are actually a lot of variations of combinations that you can choose from and there actually no right and wrong team of Axies as your strategy on turns also take part highly in winning the game. But what we will show are the ones we are actually using and are proven to win – at least for the daily quest of 5 PVP wins. Read on further to start looking for those Axies.

Look for an annoying Plant / Tank Axie

The Axie in front should always have a high HP and even defense too. This is in order for you to save up on energy and stash up on damage cards on your other Axies. Some buff / de-buff cards would also help out as well in order for your opponent get held up on their strategy as well. Look out for some of the following cards:

This card is a pure defense card which will hamper further damage to your Axie. You can use this as defense or even pair it with energy earning cards to help out for your damage dealing cards

This card will help in restoring a portion of Axie’s health. By doing this, you will force your opponent to target your front Axie again while your damage dealing Axies are stacking up on cards.

This is a gain energy card and it is very cheap to use – Zero energy! Get an Axie that have this card as it is very useful.

Strategic Cards are Key for Damage Dealing Cards

While defense Axies will prolong the game, damage dealing Axies are the ones who will help you win the game. Find Axies that have following cards and they will definitely deal damage against your Axies.


Find the “RIMP” beast

The RIMP beast is an Axie that possess the Ronin and Imp part, thus the “RIMP” name. At first, it does not look like it could damage a lot but when at least of these two cards are combined in one turn, it will pack a good punch that will most likely kill off the target Axie. Here are the cards for your reference:

Look for “sneaky” cards

Let’s face it, your opponent may also put a defensive Axie infront so you will be having hard time killing it. To somehow counter that, you can use particular cards that will let you target other Axies that are not in front of your opponent’s team. This way, you will be able to put more damage and even kill off an opponent’s Axie as these cards will by-pass your opponent’s front Axie defense. Here are some cards that you should look out for:


They Are Cheap and Effective, But They Won’t Make You Rank on The Game

While these Axie teams are cheap, they will be limited to a certain number of wins per day or a full set of energy per day. If you want to be more competitive in the game and rank higher over-all, by all means don’t follow this guide as these teams will be limited to achieving daily quests easier. After all, we’re mainly playing this lovely game for that, right?

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