If you don’t know it yet, there has been quite a craze in gaming world nowadays wherein you have a legitimate opportunity to earn while you enjoy playing on your mobile phone or on your laptop / PC. The game is called Axie Infinity, a card-based game that is pretty much similar to Pokemon. We ourselves have been players of Axie Infinity and have so far earned at the same time enjoying by playing the game. Some people are hesitant in joining the bandwagon for several reasons (one of them is the initial cash-out needed to buy an Axie team to play). But how enjoyable or fun is it really? Is it true you really can earn by just playing the game? Read on to find out more.

Since there is a sudden craze on this game, a good number of resources and guides have sprung widely in the Internet and we’re really thankful for those content creators who have given detailed information about Axie Infinity. Gone are days that Axie players heavily rely on the official discord channel of the game (which is still the best source of Axie Info for us) or check out the useful stuff on the sub-stack page. Nowadays, there are a lot of useful stuff to check out all over and it really has become more streamlined now to start in Axie Infinity than ever before.

Here’s a detailed guide to start on Axie Infinity in which we used this ourselves to get us up to speed with Axie Infinity:

Here’s another very useful guide on how to start in Axie Infinity (Filipino version):

We used the above guides for us to start in Axie Infinity and we can say that we are already stable in playing the game. Right now, we are focused on how to earn SLP (stands for “Smooth Love Potion”, the cryptocurrency that can be traded to traditional money/currency) on a more efficient and faster manner.

As newbies ourselves, we tend to look for more resources online on how to better earn SLP (also known as SLP farming / SLP grinding) and we found this very good SLP farming guide. But as we go along in playing the game, there are some more details to consider in order to fully maximize your time and effort in achieving the best SLP earnings possible for newbies – which is 75 SLP.

75 SLP can be achieved in a day in the following manner:

  1. Complete the Daily Quest to earn 25 SLP bonus by doing the following:
    • Check-in/Log-in
    • Win 10 Adventure Battles (any level)
    • Win 5 Arena (PVP) Battles
  2. Farm / Grind SLP in Adventure in different/random levels (unlocked levels) to reach maximum 50 SLP

Earning 75 SLP is definitely possible even for newbies – but to earn it in the most efficient and faster way possible, this is where a little more guidance is needed. After all, we can still regard Axie Infinity as a side hustle, and playing this game should not take up too much of your time in a day. Currently, we can now earn 75 SLP in 3 hours max (accumulated, as we don’t farm 75 SLP in one sitting) unlike when we starting in which sometimes we can’t even reach 50 SLP as even on adventure mode, we kept on losing. Read on further to find out how you can farm 75 SLP in a day in the fastest way possible.

Mining / Grinding SLP strategies

Adventure mode

The adventure mode is the easiest area to focus on in earning >50% of 75 SLP. But it is the most time consuming part if you are not doing efficiently. Here are some of the tips in earning more SLP depending on the level of your Axies are in:

Level 1-5:

Let’s be frank here – it is almost impossible to achieve 50 SLP in this level. We really tried and failed actually and for the first few days of playing, we actually wasted a good number of energy in trying. What we can suggest is to somehow accept this fact rather than pushing yourself too hard. To simply put, spend your first few days in increasing your level to level 5 onwards and never mind about reaching 50 SLP in a day.

The above image (courtesy of provides a very good overview of the whole Adventure levels (also known as Lunacia Ruin) and corresponding tips on which levels give you the highest EXP. In the early levels, you may just concentrate on Ruin #3 to reach level 5 as it yields 111 EXP for every win.

Level 5 – Level 10

If you have reached at least level 5, this is where you will easier time in farming SLP. Your Axie’s max HP would have increased in an amount in which it can withstand enemies’ attacks on later stages/ruins. However, at this point you are sill limited to winning easily on lower ruins so best to farm SLP on Ruin#5, which is the first Ruin#5 that will certainly (almost) drop 2 SLP. It’s not that much but hey, it is 2x higher than the lower Ruins and you will only spend half of your time doing it.

Level 10-up

When you reach Level 10 and up, farming SLP to reach max 100 would definitely be the easiest. You will now have better chances to advance to the later Ruins and get more chances to drop SLPs greater than 4 (or even as high as 19, based on our experience). The first Ruin to drop 4 SLP is at Ruin #10 so you might want to take note of this. You can reach this Ruin even when your Axie level is lower, but we don’t suggest to farm SLP on this Ruin as you will spend more time defeating the enemies here. You’ll just end up being inefficient in farming SLP on this kind strategy. If your Axies are Level 10 and up, the best Ruin to farm SLP is on Ruin #15 as it yields >4 SLP on a consistent basis. Roughly from Ruin#10 to Ruin #20, they randomly drop >4 SLPs and sometimes 4 SLP only. On Ruin #15, you 5 SLP is what we can say the lowest SLP drop.


PVP also known as Player vs. Player mode is a more complicated mode compared to Adventure. In this mode, you will be facing another team of Axies that is being controlled by another player like you. This means that they will face you in a strategic way rather than being robotic / automatic when you are in Adventure mode. You can also earn additional SLP for every win on this mode when you have energy. But as a newbie, we highly recommend to do Arena mode only to achieve the daily quest to earn 25 SLP, which is to win only 5 PVP games a day. Here are some tips to get a good edge in winning PVP mode.

  • Positioning

Regardless of the Axie combination of your team, positioning is a very important factor in order for you win a PVP battle. As you see on the above image, both players position their Plant Axies infront, which are designed to be resilient and act as defense for your team as normally, they will be the ones who will receive the attacks

Study your Axies’ cards carefully and strategically position them in order for you to gain an edge on your opponent. Take note that you cannot change Axie positions once you are already in battle so plan carefully.

  • Efficient use of energy

Since the Axie Infinity game is a strategic game and is constrained by a limit of energy (max of 10) per round, sometimes being thrifty of energy is a good idea. On each start of battle, you will be given 3 energy, and will have additional 2 energy after every round. Not considering your Axie’s cards that can gain energy, this pattern should be followed closely and use strategically. Normally, the first round is almost always a pass (maybe not if you have enough cards that can be used for 0 energy) in order to gain a max of 5 energy for second round. This way, you can bale able to combine multiple cards with high attacks which will then give you more chances to kill an Axie on that round. Rather than spending 2 energy for 2 cards that can damage an Axie by half (or worse none, because your opponent used a card with high defense), you will have better chances to heavily damage or even kill Axie with more energy to use in one go.

  • Take advantage of the Bloodmoon Curse

What we love about the PVP mode is the Bloodmoon Curse – a stage of the battle meant for big comebacks or come from behind wins. You will enter the Bloodmoon Curse in the PVP mode when your battle has reached level 9. In this stage of the battle, all remaning Axies of both players will lose a certain amount of HP (starting from 50 HP) after every round moving forward. This will be helpful for you to damage your opponent even if your cards don’t have damage at all as it will ignore any type of defense. Furthermore, if your remaining Axie has healing cards, then you can use healing cards as often as you can until your opponent’s Axie runs out of HP and dies. The ending – a sweet taste of victory from a bloody comeback!

Road to 75 SLP in just 3 hours

We can definitely say that farming / grinding 75 SLP is achievable even for newbies based on what we have suggested. And if you want to achieve it in just a total of 3 hours, here’s our unsolicited advice:

  • Use all your energy to gain EXP in adventure mode to reach at least level 10 for your Axies
  • Farm / Grind SLP in Ruin #15 to reach 50 max SLP and 10 wins for the daily quest requirement
  • Play PVP even without energy and win 5 battles to achieve daily requirement and get 25 SLP bonus

Looks simple, yes maybe. But do it the right way. Happy Axie playing! If you haven’t made an investment in buying your first team of Axies, you might want to check out our post about building an effective Axie Team.


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