As we normally do, we find time to do another round of food review on those food brands that stood out or have served the best tasting or most satisfying dishes that we tried. It is definitely fitting for G’s favorites as shown on our previous food review on them. But how will they fare on the other dishes they offer is something to anticipate, and we’re here to check them out further.

On our previous food review, we featured their best-selling California Maki Duo, which is definitely one for the books. On this latest G’s favorites food review, we’re going to check out two of their Bento series offerings and we were initially excited for that. Knowing that they provide secured and wonderful packaging for take-out / delivery, we’re more curious on these bento boxes on how they would present it and secure while in transit. And of course, to anticipate its taste is also one thing that we are also excited for. So how did they fare? Let’s find out now!

Chicken Parmesan Garlic Wings

True to its name, the garlic Parmesan is definitely emphasize on the chicken skin and even on its meat. The crunch is there on each bite and it is truly a tasty treat. The rice is well cooked while the side salad is a good neutralizer in between bites. An enjoyable dish and a filling one at that too.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Samgyup Bento (Beef)

This dish looked like a reconstructed or a re-imagined dish derived from our favorite Korean dish. And with us being rice meal lovers, it is definitely welcome sight. The beef strips are tender and its Samgyup taste is consistent on all parts of the meat. The Kimchi sides are a treat as well and if you run out of the cup of rice to be paired with the beef, you can do an old-school Samgyup style and wrap the given lettuce for a quick bite! We definitely consider as one of G’s favorite’s best in their Bento series.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cheesy Baked Mac (Classic Filipino Style)

One would wonder what a Classic Filipino style sauce is because we are all so used on its taste. Well to give it more context, it is the one with a sweet (and a little bit of sour) taste. This dish from G’s favorites is all about those style of the sauce. The macaroni is well cooked and its cheesy feel makes it a top of the list of kids to eat – and even for adults too.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Good food, Great Service as Always

As expected, G’s favorites provide a consistent service as they seem to approach every transaction as their top priority. Accordingly, there is a sense of consistency as well in the quality and taste of its food as being evident to what we have here on this food review. If you are to ask us, we’ll definitely come back again for another round of orders soon… very very soon.

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