Not Your Usual Food Review – Meat Plus Cafe


A good steak means that it is tender, tasty, and even juicy. It is those traits that you would really want to keep coming back on such a steak restaurant, more so travel a lot of distance just to try out some of their steaks. It is what Meat Plus Cafe can do to you and we recently visited this wonderful restaurant in which we’re going to feature in this food review.

Meat Plus Cafe boasts of authentic USDA beef meat and that’s what they are mainly famous for. With the decades of their existence, it is safe to say that they have established their reputation of receiving customers that deliberately made a stopover just to dine at Meat Plus Cafe. Here are some of their dishes that we will be featuring in this food review.


Cheese Burger and Fries

The patty is made from one of their USDA meat so you can expect it to be tender and lovely with a little bit tastier when it becomes a burger patty. The fries were also crunchy and kids will love it too. What’s better though is the side coleslaw – its refreshing taste gives a great complementary side dish all through out.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

1-Piece Fried Chicken and Spaghetti

Perfect for the kids, Meat Plus Cafe can also serve a good Fried Chicken as well and we’re happy we featured one in this food review. The sauce of the spaghetti is enough to get it going while the chicken’s skin is crunchy enough for good munch. The gravy is also one thing that you should look out for in this one.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

New York Steak Meal

The star of the restaurant is of course their steaks and in this food review, we are featuring their New York Steak meal. First off, their house gravy is bar none one of the best ones we tried. They also serve A1 steak sauce, but you would still prefer their gravy over it. The tenderness and tastiness of the steak is well enough to earn to try again on the next visit.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Time and Tradition is strong with this one

Truly Meat Plus Cafe is one restaurant worth a stopover and we’ll gladly do it again soon!