As we grow up, our fascination with animals may dwindle over the years, but when the time comes that we’ll have children of our own, we couldn’t help but rekindle that natural love and fascination over them. Seeing them up close and personal would naturally mean there’s something in them that is wonderful and cute. We recently had a chance to visit Ocean Adventure and we’re keen to know how they are and how far adorable they can be.

Getting There

The Adventure Park is located within the shores of Subic Bay in Zambales and they can be readily accessed through land transportation via NLEX. To those who will come from the South of Luzon, it will be more accessible with the recently opened NLEX-SLEX connector that will save you a good amount of travel time (and saves a whole lot of headaches and test of patience too) using this travel route. It took us around 3 hours of total travel time (including stop-overs for lunch) using this route and we came from the South of Luzon.


The Fun Adventures

The Adorable Dolphin Encounter

The main attraction of the adventure park is their Dolphin show titled “Sentinels of the Sea”. In this show, you will be able to feel amazed at how Dolphins can learn a lot of tricks and even give you a warm welcome to wade with them and personally touch them up close and personal. You can even swim with them or even ride with them just like the ones that you will see on the actual show. Doing so will need an additional fee to experience this on top of your own payment to the actual Dolphin show.

This Dolphin rides high to touch the ball up in the air

We did try the experience of wading with the Dolphins and it was absolutely spectacular. Seeing (and touching) these wonderful sea creatures is truly a wonderful experience and we really do recommend this to try for yourselves to truly experience the greatest time once you visit Ocean Adventure.

The Sea Lions Joins the Fun Too!

Aside from the experience of encountering the lovely Dolphins, Ocean Adventure also have a show by the equally adorable Sea Lions. They will showcase the great obedience from their trainers which will surely provide great entertainment for you and especially for your kids. A close encounter with them to take a picture would also give a quick boost of fun as we personally did it during our visit.

Not Only the Sea Creatures Joined the Fun, the Flying and Crawling Ones too!

Aside from the wonderful sea creatures, you can also enjoy watching a show of some lovely flying and crawling creatures in Ocean Adventure. Their obedience definitely showed and it is equally enjoying too.

This bird loves a quick grub especially when it’s thrown at it

Definitely Enjoyable

All in all, the “adventure” in Ocean Adventure is truly an enjoyable one. The travel going there is worthwhile and of course what you can see there is truly enjoyable.