A Day With Prehistoric Animals in Dinosaurs Island Clark


Prehistoric animals such as the Dinosaurs have long been extinct and non-existent on any location in the world. However, our fascination to such animals never waned especially during our childhood. Having kids will relive that similar fascination and it would satisfy that wonder by going to Dinosaurs Island Clark.

Getting There

Dinosaurs Island Clark is located at the heart of Angeles City in Pampanga Province. It can be accessed by land through the NLEX expressway (Angeles or Sta. Ines Exit) and now even more accessible for travelers from the South of Metro Manila / Luzon with the newly built NLEX-SLEX connector which will save you a lot of travel time by avoiding EDSA. For those who want to fly going to this park, this is just 8 minutes away from Clark International Airport and you can just ride a Taxi or rent a car to go here from the Airport.


Coming from South Luzon, it took us a little over 2 hours of travel time using the above mentioned thoroughfares. It is considerably a comfortable travel considering there are no major traffic disruptions generally. Be aware of your speed though as the NLEX and Angeles City (Clark) is a serious traffic discipline zone and you’ll surely be apprehended by the traffic police if you don’t follow.

What To Expect in the Park

Depending on the package that you will avail, you will be able to enjoy a number of amenities and attractions within the park. We have tried the most number of attractions inside the park. Here’s an overview of some the attractions that we visited:

Dinosaurs Island

This is the main attraction of the park and it showcases the different types of the Dinosaurs that used to roam and rule the animal world. As you walk through the park, they are strategically placed so you can take a picture of them conveniently. Other attractions include the “actual feeding” of the T-Rex and a surprise Dinosaur Dance number – we’ll leave that one as an exciting surprise so you’ll have something to look forward to when you go here.

Here are some images of the Dinosaurs that you will be seeing in Dinosaurs Island Clark:

1 / 13



Insectlandia is on the other side of the park when you are coming from the Dinosaurs island. It showcases the larger than life figures of several insects that can be found here and all over the world. It also has a corresponding actual sounds which would help you teach your kids about the particular insect they are looking at. Towards the end of the visit trail on this side of the park, there will be a “Bug’s Life” themed show that will surely be enjoyed by everyone.

A whimsical show awaits you in Insectlandia

Dino Trail

In here you will be riding in a small Tram (about 6 people max) and you will be drawn into the true land of Dinosaurs – what lies beneath is something that you should see for yourself. They’re not for the faint of heart though….

Here’s some preview footage of what you should expect:

Truly an enjoyable experience

All in all, the experience we have had in Dinosaurs Island Clark is wonderful. The kids enjoyed it so much that we ended up wanting for more.


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