Not Your Usual Food Review: The Morning After


They say that eating breakfast is key to give you that desired kick to start the day. But having those meals at any given day would mean a different thing. While it may make or break one when doing so, it is not something that you wouldn’t want to pass up. Breakfast meals are hearty and definitely delicious no matter what. With The Morning After, their wide list of all-day breakfast meals will definitely provide you a long list of choices that can never go wrong.

In this food review, we will be featuring two of them and let’s find out if they are worthy of another visit, another meal to try, or just simply hearty enough to make you get throughout the day.


Baby Back Ribs

True to their nature, The Morning After is really going for the portions and servings as this dish actually has a generous amount of serving – enough for a full meal for most, and maybe even too much for some. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful dish that is topped with the fall-off-the-bone experience and a sweet sensation of the sauce that goes deep into the meat.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Classic BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato)

While it may seem a little bit going for a safe bet on this one, their version is something to check out, still. Aside from the enormous serving (this one really seems to be fit for a western version of serving). The crunch and the saltiness of the bacon is something wonderful to find out.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Breakfast all-day, anytime

The concept of serving all-day breakfast meals is not something new. But in this food review, we realized that every single meal in The Morning After’s menu can be considered one, and can be eaten at any given day or time. We have been visiting The Morning After from time to time when opportunity permits, and we will do it again because of this.