Random Insights: The Crossroad – A Kind That Sometimes You Don’t Want to Pass Through


It is a little known fact that throughout our lives, we pass through the so-called “crossroad” numerous times sometimes we don’t even know we did.
But for the instances that we actually can feel, it will definitely bring a nerve wracking instance to experience.
If we fall on that inevitable crossroad, we have to choose only one path and the path that we didn’t choose, we cannot return back to take anymore.

It will be an all-in situation in which every turn / path you take, the implications will be to the extreme.
Whether it will be for the better or worse, you will choose it as you please.
There is no middle, no in-between, only sides chosen.
There is a 50% chance of success here but don’t fret if the path you have chosen have given you an outcome that you don’t expect.
It may be the actual path towards what you need or expect but it is a longer route
Or it is just a path that may seem so long and will test your endurance.


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