Here we are now doing a product unboxing for an optional accessory – the Honda BR-V Armrest. This armrest can be securely installed onto the cupholder on the mid part of the vehicle. Aside from Honda-BRV, this can also be used on other Honda models such as the Mobilio.

As for the product packaging, it is packaged well and have enough bubble wrapping all over. Inside the box looks OK with enough security of the item through these cusions. Now let’s see what’s inside. There is the what looks like the base plate, and there is the what seems like to be the base as well where you put this as an anchor on the cupholder area.

Now let’s go to the main part – the armrest. It has the USB slots on this side, this looks like the cupholder and an ashtray as well. Now let’s check more accessories – there are the screws to fully secure all the parts. And this one is indeed the base plate which the armrest will sit on top of this. And yes this one will go to the cupholder area. The underneath of the armrest has staggered edges which seem to be they can be adjustable. At the front are the USB slots and I think one of them needs to be connected to the power supply.


So now let’s try to assemble them one by one. Let’s combine these two together first – looks like it cannot be interchanged in position though. So now these can be secured using the supplied screws

So now this is secured with screws, let’s assemble it then with the armrest. These two also seems to be cannot be interchanged in positions as it is only intended in one way. Now let’s slide this in this way and this looks OK to be installed inside the car.

So now we’re going to fix in this armrest on the mid part of the car under this cupholder slot. There you go fits very well with ease. The handbrake seems to be hard to use while this armrest is fixed, but you can slide this back up to make more way for your hand.

Now let’s set up the USB slot for charging cellphones. You’ll need this end to connect to the USB slot on the vehicle and insert on one slot on the armrest. And there you go there is now power on the USB slots of the armrest so you can us this now for charging.

You can also place your cellphone on the compartment securely as well.

Check out our unboxing and installing video here: