Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Heavyweights


Generally speaking, eating out at a fast food or a fancy restaurant does not actually give you a choice in terms of size or portions. In that case, you will be left to finish it out all by yourself.


In this edition, we are going to feature a wide range of dishes – from burgers, Ramen, and a Rice Bowl.

As we always do, we score each dish in terms of the following:

And from these scores, we judge on the following basis:

So here we are moving on to the dishes:

Location: Burger Geek

Food: The Hangover

Sides: French Fries

Drink: Iced Tea

The enormous serving and overflowing fillings says it all


Burger Patty – Check

Sauce – Check

Bun – Double check

What’s so amusing on this burger is that “sweet” taste from the bun itself which resembles honey if not mistaken. It requires putting your desired sauce (Mayo, Ketchup, or Mustard) as it can taste bland for some. The enormous size could very well provide the final nail to close this out as one of the best tasting burgers we have had so far.


Location: Tenya

Food: Tempuramen

Sides: Vegetable Tempura

Drink: None

It may not have a big bowl, but it sure made up for a the side dish


For some, the size of the bowl probably would be a little off considering the other Japanese restos around the metro offer Ramen bowls with enormous sizes. With that being said, the taste totally makes up for everything it lacks from the size. The sesame-based sauce is so good it warrants consuming it all up to the brim and clean them up without anything to waste. The noodles could have been a little softer though, but with that being said, this is still worth another visit. It may be true for this case, that we’d get bowled over this.


Location: TGIFridays

Food: Garlic Pepper Pork

Sides: None

Drink: Mango Tango

Spoiler Alert!!! Very crunchy and tasty!


Eating it without dipping it with the given vinegar sauce is almost a requirement to check how will it taste. The result – the garlic is more powerful than the pepper, and the crunchiness is quite good as well. Dipping it with vinegar sauce will make it more special. The rice and the red / green peppers complements the dish well.

A very refreshing drink because it tastes so fresh

The very good thing about the experience is that the Mango Tango drink is very much able to wash down the taste of the dish which is quite good. A little bit high on the price but should be acceptable enough to try. No wonder they have been around for decades because of this.


So this wraps up another edition of our Not Your Usual Food Reviews. May we remind you that these are just mere guides for you to have an idea on which food you might want to try out soon.

Happy Food Adventures!