Sweet cravings are better fulfilled when something is readily available to munch on. But what if there’s none around and you have to order ahead, would you be willing to wait for it? We think so especially when it is from Ellle Sweets & Cravings. Their Basque Burnt Cheesecakes are something that you will anticipate and wait as it is indeed worth it.

Ellle Sweets & Cravings offer their cheesecakes on a made to order basis. This means for every cheesecake you order from them, it is guaranteed freshly baked just for you. Let’s check out further on what their Basque Burnt Cheesecake is all about.



You can order through their Facebook page and you can discuss directly the modes of payment below. You can see their price details depending on the number of cheese cups here:


The Food

Neat and sturdy packaging that fits well with what’s inside

The packaging was neat and sturdy thereby removing any doubt that the cheese cups will be broken during transit. Considering these are to be transported by a motorcycle, the possibility of a disaster during transit is scary, but with the packaging manner, that scary possibility was eliminated. Now on to the taste of the cheese cup.

Yummy looking

Specially baked goodies such as this seemed to have an inherent need for good presentation. And with this from Ellle Sweets & Cravings, their cheese cups are definitely great looking. It is as if you would want to munch along as soon as you see it.

In terms of the taste, it has successfully balanced the sweetness of the cheese flavored cake and the bitter aftertaste. The texture of the cake is something wonderful and definitely you have to try as it will literally melt in your mouth.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bittersweet indeed

Whoever invented the burnt cheesecake made something brilliant and the one from Ellle Sweets & Carvings is something that you have to try.