A Weekend to Enjoy at Crusoe Cabins


While we are all in this situation, most (if not all) establishments and business institutions are trying to operate as much as they can. Each of these are fighting for survival to stay afloat and grasping on any opportunity that they have. The result is that the employees / workers ended up being more challenged than they are used to or simply feel that they need to have somehow a break even for just a while. We had the opportunity to have that much needed break and spend a weekend vacation to somehow relax, recharge, and unwind. And in this time, we went on to spend it at Crusoe Cabins.

The Preparation

Crusoe Cabins is located in Batangas Province in which the said province is still on a stricter movement restriction arrangement (as of this writing). In that manner, we were then required to present a health certificate from our Barangay bearing that we have not been placed in the PUI (Persons Under Investigation) list and are in good health and not showing symptoms. We have to obtain that certificate 1 day prior our first day of visit to the resort. Another option is to obtain a negative RT-PCR result but but we opted not to since we actually don’t want our daughter (yes, they accept children as guests) to experience the swab test at an early stage. Obtaining the Barangay health certificate is a case-to-case basis depending on where you reside but that should not be a problem specifically if you aren’t on a situation where you are required to be tested, under quarantine, or under monitoring.

The Journey

Overview of possible routes when coming from the Southern Metro Manila

The resort is located in Calatagan, Batangas – an almost 3 hour drive when you come from the South of Metro Manila. It will be longer if you reside further north. There are three main routes to choose from in getting to the resort – using STAR tollway (Lipa-Balayan route), CALAX (Tagaytay-Nasugbu), and Governor’s Drive/Aguinaldo Hi-way (Tagaytay-Nasugbu). They vary differently in terms of distance but the travel time difference is not that far apart. Choosing which to go is subjective and may depend on the traffic conditions. In going to the resort, we chose the CALAX route. There may be some checkpoints along the way specifically in the Calatagan boundary. This is where you have to show the medical certificates. This is where we found out that the LGU (Local Government Units) and the private businesses like Crusoe Cabins are in proper coordination with each other thereby ensuring the movement and tracing of people coming in and out of their community is properly monitored. We found out that the resort submitted our names to the LGU thus we didn’t have any problems passing through. This is one thing that made us feel safer in spending a few days in the resort because of this type of control.


The Accommodation

Having an accommodation at the beachfront has a lot of perks. You can watch the sunset while sitting comfortably or even let your kids play in the sand while you sit comfortably the same. The beach waves are not so high at this side of the country and even to the point of having no waves at all. Nevertheless, the calmness and tranquility of the beach is still a welcome sight. You have to watch out the low tide of the beach in the early morning (until probably 9am) in which you can walk around further to the beach and find some starfishes if you’re lucky.

Starfish at Low Tide
A sandbar during low tide in Crusoe Cabins

Small sandbars are in there too and the sight of the different feel of the beach is something to anticipate during your stay here. There are a good number of cottages all over the resort in which you can sit and relax after a good swim at either the pool or at the beach. There are some structures around that are also IG-worthy. and we’re wondering if the construction/expansion activities nearby the lobby would bring in exciting amenities and features by the time we come back (oh yes we surely will).


Great Accommodation, Great Service, Great Everything

We always do feel that a satisfying weekend stay on a resort is subject to expectations. Prior to coming in to Crusoe Cabins, we set our expectations that there may be a number adjustments to be made that we have to go through and true enough there is. Nevertheless, the thought of having a great and calming time during our stay made us feel refreshed, recharged, and even ready to face another 2-3 hour drive going back to the metro (even for just this travel review as the reason alone). The Crusoe Cabins weekend vacation is really one experience that is memorable for you, for your child, and for everyone in your family and friends alike.

Crusoe Cabins Contact Info

Website: http://www.crusoecabins.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crusoecabins

E-mail: reservations.crusoe@ahg.com.ph