Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Pepi Cubano


Diversifying your taste buds is a nice thing, but there are people who don’t like it. They tend to always go with the norm and be always on the “safe side” when it comes to food. We are not one of those people as we are very open to new tastes and always want to venture on to the flavors of the world. And with that curiosity, we found Pepi Cubano, which we are featuring on this version of our latest food review.

Pepi Cubano boasts of this Cuban / South American taste that surely provides a different take on your dining experience from the usual dishes you are familiar with. We’ve become curious enough thereby taking on this challenge of trying out something unfamiliar to our tastes. So let’s go further towards the outcome of our food adventure.


Taco Tostones

This appetizer is not only good looking, it is definitely a tasty treat. The sweetness of the toasted banana chunk is very complementing to the taste of the meat on top. It is a hearty appetizer that definitely can be considered as a quick snack based on the portions / servings they have provided.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mojo Chicken

The roasted chicken has a distinct taste which is probably a result of the mixed herbs and spices smothered while cooking. And the taste sips through the meat too! To top it all up, the rice is flavored favorably and complementing the whole dish. The end result: a satisfying meal all over.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ropa Vieja

We were curious enough to search about the history of this Cuban National Dish and found out the literal meaning of Ropa Vieja is “old clothes”. It was said that the origin or the inspiration of this dish was once there was very poor man who couldn’t afford to buy food anymore and to survive, he tore down his clothes, shredded and cooked them for him and his family. As tragic as it may seem from its origin story, the taste of this dish says otherwise. It’s definitely not tragic because of its flavorful taste that we, and most definitely you will surely enjoy. The shredded / pulled meat is tender enough to bring in a juicy feeling as you chew while the Cuban rice is definitely a perfect partner. All in all, an enjoyable dish that can be done over and over.


Let’s try more international dishes!

We hope that this Pepi Cubano food review would inspire you to try them out at least once. The dishes we featured are guaranteed great and we firmly believe that the other ones on their menu are most likely equally good or even better.

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