Not Your Usual Food Review: Fiery Style

It started with the Chinese (or maybe Spanish?), followed by the Japanese, and now the Koreans are taking over. This is of course in reference to the the influx of these cuisine-themed restaurants. It is now building up all over in this side of the world. Now that we are embracing the flavors of the world, it is a definitely a welcome sight to see other restaurants that feature unusual flavors. This is why we’re happy to feature the SouthWestern or Tex-Mex flavor in this Fiery Style food review.

Tex-Mex cuisine refers to the flavorful fusion of Texas (US) and Mexican food. This resulted to the grilling method mixed with the crunchiness of Tacos, Nachos, or even Burrito. The end result is a well-loved new cuisine that spans all over the world nowadays. And we’re happy Fiery style is offering this for us to conduct a food review. Fiery Style already owns quite a number of branches all over the metro. And it could have that kind of reputation of being good based from that. But is it really? Let’s find out further from this food review.

Southern Fried Sloppy Burger

The juicy patty is enough for this to be an enjoyable burger. The bun is soft enough for a not so chewy grub. The fries may not be the best, but it is indeed a good side dish to complement the juiciness of the patty of the burger. Spice it up with ketchup and it’s good to go in achieving the salty and sour taste of the side fries.

Beef Brisket Quesadilla

If you look closely on the image of what we have tried, the Beef meat is almost spewing out of the wrap – that’s how packed this quesadilla is. We’re happy that it was because the enjoyable meat is always there on every bite. It’s so filling we actually don’t believe that it is a starter or considered as a snack. Definitely perfect for sharing because of the serving.

New Flavors and Taste Infused

We’re so happy we have a lot more food / cuisine varieties to choose from than ever before. After all, food is considered a worldwide language (literally and figuratively) and it was evidently seen with the dishes of Fiery Style. We will keep on doing food reviews like this and we’re definitely up for the task to explore more as we seem fit.

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