With the advent of doing things at home, quite a number of appliances will become very useful in a lot of ways. One of them is an oven. While there are a lot of ovens out there that serve specific uses for specific needs, there are also some ovens that can be versatile and work for various purposes. This product from Kyowa is one of them, and we’re going to do an unboxing of it.

The oven we selected for unboxing is the model KW-3330 from Kyowa. This electric oven can toast, roast, and even bake and has a 28L space for anything that you need to cook.

Looks like a small turkey can fit in here

The operating knobs are pretty straightforward and fairly easy to understand. All you have to do is be guided on the time, temperature and even heating positions on the dish that you will be cooking in this very nice oven.

With all these things on hand, we’re really happy with this electric oven can do. It’s fairly easy to operate and even spacious enough to bake a cake or even roast a small turkey!


Check out this video for the full unboxing of this product:

For more information on this product, check it out on this link.