We go to beach resorts to have a much-needed break and enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sand. While those are definitely worth your while, experiencing beach resorts on a different take will be fun too. La Luz Beach Resort is one of those beaches that have the sun, sea, and sand. But they also offer a little bit more – if you look into it differently.

We recently had a chance to take on a break and head on to La Luz Beach Resort for a short (but sweet) getaway. Like any other visitor / tourist, we’re here to enjoy the beach and what La Luz has in store on top of that. While those are already given, we spared some of the time we had to check out what the surroundings of the beach resort has in store for us.

The adventure we had in La Luz was a wonderful feeling because what we saw are not usually documented by people who visit the resort. We’re truly happy with what we have seen and experienced and we’re glad to share that adventure with you. Read on to find out more.

The Flora and Fauna of La Luz Beach Resort

What we observed all around the resort is that they made it a point to be as close to nature as possible. With lush gardens and wonderful trees that provide shade, it is really a sight to behold. No wonder this vicious looking (but totally harmless, maybe) spider sits quietly on its big web which is probably an indication of a healthy ecosystem around the resort.

A great looking spider that we don’t want to disturb further

As we walk along further around the resort, we see more and more fascinating things on what they have done within the resort. Much like this plant fruit that most likely is a juicy one as some big ants feasts on them.

Good to look but dangerous to touch

And as they have planted wonderful flowering plants, we can’t help but enjoy the wonderful colors of the lush gardens that the resort management has put up. This flower is just a small representation of what you will enjoy in the resort and we’ll leave it up for your imagination. Better to visit the resort if you want to see more.

The flower that stands out

The Wonderful Rock Formations

Once we are done gazing in the lush gardens of the resort, we suddenly realized that it is now time for the “golden hour” in which it is the best time take some pictures of the beach as the sun sets.

We started off with this unique rock formation on the beach shores of La Luz. On the background is a middle-sized rock that people loves to hop on for a good selfie. The small waves of the sea makes up for a good “milky” sight for our composition while the clouds completed the background.

The sand pebbles are also good contributor for composition

As we are waiting further into the sunset, we walked on further to the shore and look for more areas with good composition for a long exposure photo. We found one as below which really emphasizes the rock corals and the waves of the sea. However, the cloud formation on the background is almost invisible so we’re not realy satisfied yet.

A surreal look of the rock corals and its play with the waves

We looked into further in the horizon and found this view which made a feel of a some kind of unique scene that we’re not actually in La Luz. The long exposure scene definitely gives a different perspective that we surely enjoyed.

As the time passes on towards the sun set, we’re now seeing the pink hues on the cloud formations that we wanted for the composition. True enough, it was a sight to behold and is very evident on this composition we did on this part of the beach.

The pink hues on the background is a real beauty

We returned back to the middle-sized rock location to have another take. This time there is more background and colorful hues due to the further sun set. And we’re truly satisfied with this one.

No more photo bomber this time

Satisfaction on a Different Perspective

From what we saw in La Luz Beach Resort, there is indeed something wonderful to see aside from the usual stuff you see on beach resorts. All it takes is to change your perspective through it. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself!

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