Not Your Usual Food Review: STONS


We all love steaks and we are fascinated with farmers tend to our beloved beef producers and come up with best tasting beef around. Each beef producing country that caters the world has its own process and tending cattle to produce the beef meat to become the best-tasting meat as possible. A good number of countries are famous for that – and we get to experience some of them at STONS.

STONS offer great steaks that hail from great-producing countries such as United States, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, and Brazil. With that kind of beef line-up, we are so sure we can never go wrong in trying out a dish out of this interesting steak house. We have tried two of them and tried bits and pieces out of their menu.

Let’s find out more of these dishes here on this food review:

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

The steak strips is made from USDA beef and our expectations are definitely met on this one. To tell you honestly, we don’t need the three complimentary sauces as the beef strips are tasty enough to be enjoyed on its own. Nevertheless, we still tried each and a combination of the sauces and we gladly enjoyed each one of them. As you can see from the image, the bun is glazed enough to cause a light glare – that means it has added enough juice from the crunch while you bite away. A truly satisfying grub if you will ask us.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Box 3: Minute Steak + Organic Green Salad + Onion Rings + Aligot Cheese

STON’s Minute Steak Boxes comprised of small amounts of what you see on the their menu and then some. Let’s try to check each of them on how did they fare:

  • Minute Steak – we chose the New Zealand steak and all we can say is that they prepared their beef meat (regardless of the origin country) consistently as this can be actually be eaten on its own very similarly to other beef they offer
  • Organic Green Salad – still very crunchy despite delivered. With the tenderness of the beef meat, we can’t help but try the “Samgyeup-style” combo of lettuce and beef strip – it did not disappoint
  • Onion Rings – need we say more? We have been actually featuring this wonderfully done onion ring sides from previous posts such as here.
  • Aligot cheese – Aligot-what??? Well this creamy-looking gem is one thing that gives this dish a bit of mysteriousness and we actually are curious on this thus we ordered one to check for ourselves. According to STONS’ menu, Aligot is made from a combination of mashed potato and cheese. The result is a satisfying grub and we really loved the sticky and gooey texture!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great Food Needs Repeats – Always

As mentioned previously, we have come across this wonderful steak house before – and yet we keep on coming back to try more and more of their dishes. The result, is always, a very satisfying one. We will be glad to check them out and try more dishes with them soon to have another STONS food review for you to look forward to.

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