Not Your Usual Food Review: Cochinillo and Beyond


As we now gear towards more household parties in celebrating life (in all aspects), we are now becoming more dependent on the food being delivered to our doorsteps. True enough, our beloved food brands have come a long way in adjusting to bring us the food we desire is as good as if it is being eaten at their restaurants. With roasted piglets, it may be a bit different but it will surely be measured by how fast it can be delivered and how good the quality is despite the given complexities. With Cochnillo and Beyond, roasting a piglet seems so seamless and we want to find out more.

Cochinillo and Beyond mainly offers a roasted piglet, a direct meaning from the Spanish language to their brand name. With the current trend these days, these roasted piglets have become a glamorous centerpiece on household parties and small gatherings. Its selling point is the ridiculous crunch that starts from the skin down to the meat. They even challenge you to use a plate in cutting up the piglet just to let you know how tender and crunchy their product is. We’re expecting that on this Cochinillo and Beyond food review.

We ordered half of their roasted piglet and from what we saw initially, it is a wonderful looking roasted piglet that we can’t wait to pinch the sides for a quick crunchy bite. The packaging is a well-secured (and fancy too) which makes the roasted piglet all the more presentable even when it came from transit during delivery.

In terms of the tenderness and the most-sought after crunch, we can say that it is definitely something that you should try. The tenderness and the crunch seeps through into the last layer. We can truly dare you to use a plate to cut the roasted piglet and you’ll never be disappointed. They also provided several types of sauces, one thing that stands out is the vinegar-based one as for us it easily complements with the salty based taste of the meat. The gravy and lechon sauce are good to pair with too.

All in all, the advanced booking and the long wait is definitely worth it – it did meet all our expectations, and more.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Definitely Go For The Crunch

You really have to consider this roasted piglet from Cochinillo and Beyond whenever you need a centerpiece food for your small parties and gathering. With its crunch and best tasting / complementing sauce, you should consider do a “cheat day” on this one. Don’t take our word from this food review, try them out!

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