Not Your Usual Food Review: Motorino Pizza


The origins of food may be disputed by a lot, but certain food sets them apart by putting in the most distinct taste and its unique preparation method. We believe Pizza is one of them. Though there are a good number of Pizza restaurants that offer great tasting Pizzas that were done in a non-traditional way, but we believe it do seem fit to try out something original or let’s say traditional. We could definitely can try that from Motorino Pizza that we will be featuring in this food review.

Being a world-famous pizzeria, let alone in the high quality food conscious New York City, being on top of it and being highly regarded is a tough act. Motorino Pizza has kept that quality over the years and taking the traditional way of making Pizza using a brick oven on a deeper and respectable level. We are very fortunate to be chosen as a country to put up several branches of this wonderful restaurant in the metro. We’re very excited now to feature some of their dishes in this food review.

Truffle Honey and 4-Cheese Pizza

What we can say about the brick-oven Pizzas is how the dough is cooked, which we believe cannot be obtained by any other Pizza oven. Motorino’s version is simply “bubbly” in the sense that it is still soft and fluffy. In terms of the taste, we tried one of the tastiest ones on the menu as it is mainly made of truffle honey. Topping it up with 4-cheese is something that we would be expecting to be full of taste.

And true enough, the taste is a wonderful mix and fusion of the tasty ingredients. Put some chili or ketchup will definitely love it more.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Roasted Chicken Wings

There are a good number of grilled chicken on charcoal out there, but not a lot are grilled on a brick oven! Motorino Pizza’s version is really a great variation of the norm and we definitely enjoyed it in a unique way. The simple taste gives a good notion that simple stuffs makes it grander in the long run.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Worth Every Brick (Pun-Intended)

We cannot say tradition beats the modern in this case, but what we can say is that it is something you should try once in a while. There a good number of interesting flavors of Pizza on Motorino Pizza’s menu and we’d like to try them out soon, and you should try them too.