We can agree to the fact that hamburgers originate in the West, but we can also say that great tasting burgers can also be made from the East. Mos Burgers can bring that argument and now that they’re now available locally, we are so excited to feature some of their burgers on this food review.

Mos Burgers offer a wider range of burgers on their menu and the fact that it originates in Japan, where some of the best Beef meat originates from, it gets so exciting to anticipate something wonderful after all. In this food review, we’re going to feature two of their burger flavors in which one of them is made from a famous Beef meat of Japanese origins. So let’s get on with it shall we?


Teriyaki Burger

With the East meets West combination of Mos Burger, we’re not really surprised about having a Teriyaki-flavored burger on their menu. And true enough, its has that distinct taste that you can only have from Teriyaki dishes. Its sweet and a little bit sour Beef patty makes it all the more exciting for this burger. The juicy feeling along with the veggies is something you would want to try. We’re really hoping you will based on this food review.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Wagyu Burger

The Wagyu Burger is the most expensive burger in the Mos Burger menu. Comes with it are great expectations that you and I are probably in understanding with. Experiencing Wagyu Beef now has another option because of Mos Burger and we can truly say that it will be a satisfying treat no matter what.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Burgers With A Twist

We’re welcoming Mos Burgers with all of our arms as it truly gives you a truly satisfying Burger experience that has new exciting flavors to choose from.