Not Your Usual Food Review: Melo’s Steakhouse


The most tender and delicious steaks don’t come easy and a limited number of restaurants cater such authenticity. And if ever you happen to dine in on one, you will definitely be in for a treat. With Melo’s Steakhouse, best-tasting and tender steaks are everything for them – and we recently had an opportunity to try one of their steaks.

Melo’s Steakhouse proudly showcases a respectable range of steaks which includes Japanese Wagyu – a type of beef meat that is one of the most sought after steaks around. However, they also offer a unique steak – which is the Australian Wagyu. Now that is something is worth a try in this wonderful restaurant. We’re going to feature that in this food review, and more.


Scallops Ajillo

This is a great appetizer in preparation for the main course. The scallops are very tender and can be chewed easily. With just a faint taste of garlic, a mild taste of spice, and the moisture from the olive oil, this one’s a very enjoyable dish.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Australian Wagyu Steak (Grade 12)

For us to truly enjoy our Melo’s experience, it is no better than try their best steak on hand. Since they are known for the Australian Wagyu Steaks, we have tried them out and their best grade at that. This grade 12 is definitely their best because of their superb marbling and we were excited to try them out cooked medium well.

And true enough, one slight of slice from a steak knife gets you to the juicy stuff. Once you chew on chunk, it seems as if they melt on your mouth because of its tenderness. The simple marinade of salt and pepper made it all worthwhile eating as it is but we do recommended to dip a chunk on their house gravy to make it really satisfying. Superb in all facets!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Truly Superb

A little piece of luxury once in a while won’t hurt if you do have an opportunity and with Melo’s Steakhouse, you’ll definitely taste that satisfaction no matter what.

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  1. What location? Google says Philippines. Not really applicable to where I live. So maybe it’s a local restaurant I’m not aware of or shown in my Google search.

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      Abel Callado says:

      Yes it is located in the Philippines. Here is the Google Pin Map: Melo’s Steakhouse Westgate Alabang
      (02) 8771 2288