Random Insights – Music


Everything you hear is music to your ears…it’s just a matter of your own perspective whether you enjoy them or not. If you enjoy them, you’ll have the tendency to absorb the beats and harmony and it will make you crave for more and listen to them on and on. On the other hand, if you don’t enjoy the music that surrounds you, your mood will be affected and will have the tendency to ruin your day.


Music is a mood swinger and could really affect your emotions at any given day. If the lyrics of the music relates you that much, it will give that resonance of emotion, a bit of nostalgia for some. If the music gets you upbeat, it will help you approach the day with enthusiasm and encouragement.  If the music makes you angry, it will even help you release that anger and gives you a sigh of relief afterwards.

After all, it is sometimes healthy to release some anger once in a while. Good for the heart actually! If the music makes you cry, it means that the music reminds you of something you have regretted, missed, or even neglected. All around is music, whether just rhythm or beats, maybe even something that annoys you, everywhere there is – again, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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